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Keith Arrowsmith, Edward Barber, Joanna Davis, Andrew Dewdney, Stefan Dickers, Mike Goldwater, Loraine Leeson, Laura Marsden, Jenny Matthews, Robert Moye, Ron Peck, Shirley Read, Wilf Thust, Paul Trevor, Helen Trompeteler



Aysha Begum, Samuel Berlin, Mathilde Bertrand, Karishma Bolakee, Guy Bolongaro, Carmela Bonavita, Kyle Bugden, Ivy-Rose Carr, Maria Chatzialexiou, Suki Cheung, Maria De Paula-Vázquez, Claire Dixon, Andrea Dodd, Liz Drew, Rona Duthie, Shaun Everett, Rebecca Felix, Erinn Feltes, Ryan Flammia, Fabiola Giaccherini, Jagveer Gill, Gabrielle Guy, Leah Guy, Charli Hall, Onyeka Igwe, Zoe Jackson, Phillip Job, Heidi Jones, Jennie Lazenby, Smita Malde, Wasma Mansour, Selene Marotta, Cathryn Marshall, Iona McGlashan, Yorli Mendoza, Bea Moyes, Roohi Narula, Kristen O’Sullivan, Oz, Leon Parker, Tariana Pestana, Hayley Reid, Josie Roberts, Steph Roberts, Shamica Ruddock, Michele Serrapica, Joana Soares, Havelock Symes, Sara Tammone, Celeste Teng, Lisa van den Bos, Liam Warner, Mark Wheeler, Lillian Wilkie, Rachel Wong and Chiara Zandona

Erasmus Young Entrepreneur and project worker Raffaella Losito, and to Four Corners staff Helena Goundry, Sally Irvine, Carla Mitchell, Ruby Rees-Sheridan, Dave Than, Owen Thomas and Lyn Turner

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed archival material and participated in oral history interviews

Ruhul Amin, Ed Baxter, Graeme Cookson, Joanna Davis, Jimmy Edmonds, Wendy Ewald, Mike Goldwater, Paul Hallam, Liz Heron, Peter Kennard, Hilary Lane, Tom Learmonth, Jenny Matthews, Julia Meadows, Marguerite McLaughlin, Maggie Murray, Joanne O’Brien, Jill Pack, Martin Parr, Ron Peck, George Plemper, Shirley Read, Lis Rhodes, Don Slater, Derek Smith, George Solomonides, Chris Steele-Perkins, Richard Taylor, Wilf Thust, Paul Trevor, Raju Vaidyanathan, Lil Warren, Val Wilmer and Michael Winslow.


We are grateful to the following organisations for their kind support

Bishopsgate Institute (Stefan Dickers), British Film Institute (Nigel Arthur, Jonny Davies, Nigel Good, Nathalie Morris and Wendy Russell), Photography and the Archive Research Centre, University of the Arts, London (Robin Christian, Melanie King and Val Williams), and Birkbeck University of London (Patrizia Di Bello and Steve Edwards)