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Arts Lab opens on Drury Lane, including London Filmmakers Co-op (LFMC). The Arts Council begins support for photography

Abortion Act passed, and Sexual Offences Act decriminalises homosexuality


Creative Camera begins. SPACE artist studio organisation and Cinema Action set up

Student protests across Europe. Anti-Vietnam war demo in Grosvenor Square, London. Women at Dagenham Ford strike for equal pay. Race Relations Act makes it illegal to refuse housing or job on grounds of race


Amber Associates, photo collective begins

Beginning of 'The Troubles' in Northern Ireland.


The Other Cinema film distribution, Berwick St Films, Cockpit Arts begin

Equal Pay Act passed. Surprise election for conservative party under Prime Minister Edward Heath


Photographers' Gallery opens in London

First UK Women's Liberation conference


Mary Pat Leece, Jo Davis, Ron Peck and Wilf Thust meet at the London International Film School

Wendy Ewald sets up Half Moon Gallery at Alie Street, Whitechapel


Impressions Gallery, York, set up by Val Williams & Andrew Sproxton.

First national miners' strike since 1926. “Bloody Sunday”, 13 demonstrators shot dead by the British Army in Derry


Four Corners Films formed. 'Where is the Gaiety' filmed Nottinghill adventure playground 


Ron McCormick with Julia Meadows run HMG. Exhibitions include work by Dennis Morris, Tricia Widdison, Ray Rising


Arts Council Photography Committee created. The Photographic Gallery, Southampton set up

Socialist government in Chile overthrown by right-wing coup with U.S support


Four Corners based at Space Studio, Euston Road 


Paul Trevor & Mike Goldwater join HMG. Exhibitions include work by Eugene Richards, Maggie Murray, Val Wilmer & Sally Greenhill


Jo Spence and Terry Dennett create Photography Workshop. Paul Carter starts a community darkroom at Blackfriars Settlement. Exit Photography group & Hackney Flashers form

Three-day week energy saving during miners strike. Minority Labour Government led by Harold Wilson. IRA bombing in mainland Britain.


Move to 113-115 Roman Road, Bethnal Green 



HMG becomes a limited company. Camera Obscured seminars. Photography Workshop and HMG form Half Moon Photography Workshop 


Tower Hamlets Arts Project created. The Independent Filmmakers Association campaigns begin

EEC membership referendum. Thatcher becomes opposition leader of conservative party. Sex Discrimination Act passed


February: Camerawork 1 published with Statement of aims. Issues 1-4 



Films 'Railman' and 'On Allotments' completed. Development for film 'Nighthawks' 


Ed Barber runs touring exhibitions. Work by Hackney Flashers, Robert Golden, Chick Chalmers, Ed Barber

History Workshop launch their journal – encouraging history from below. Leeds Animation Workshop formed

Grunwick Strike for union recognition by Asian women workers


No. 8 Lewisham issue. Issues 5-8




Cinema and workshop project idea developed. Paul Hallam & Richard Taylor join

Jo Spence, Terry Dennett and Liz Heron leave HMPW. Exhibitions include Judy Harrison, Nick Hedges, Jan Siegieda 


Side Gallery founded in Newcastle, and Open Eye gallery, Liverpool. Cinema of Women (COW) film distribution

Lewisham demonstration against National Front. Anti-Nazi League formed to combat the far right


Issues 9-11. Mass Observation 11




'Nighthawk's (dirs. Ron Peck & Paul Hallam) is first openly gay feature film.

Move to 119-121 Roman Road. Exhibitions include Peter Kennard, Nigel Henderson, Paul Trevor

Rock against Racism carnivals in London

Racist murder of Altab Ali in Whitechapel.


Issues 12-16. Community Photography 13 & Reporting on Ireland 14

Film 'Often During the Day'. 'Mothers and Daughters' & young peoples' workshops. Lis Rhodes joins 


Exhibitions include Chris Steele-Perkins, Barry Lewis, George Plemper


Exhibition 'Three Perspectives on Photography' (Hayward Gallery). Ten8 magazine launches.

'Winter of Discontent' public service strikes. Conservative Margaret Thatcher becomes prime minister. Teacher Blair Peach killed on anti NF demo.


Issues 17-20. Peter Kennard's The Haywain photomontage, 19. New masthead, issue 20 


'In Front of the Camera' event. Four Corners becomes an ACTT shop.

Mike Goldwater and Ed Barber leave HMPW. 'Nearly a gallery' opens with Peter Kennard & Mike Abrahams No Nuclear Weapons exhibition 


Arts Council Photography committee scrapped, and grouped with the Visual Arts panel

First national CND demonstration 'Protest and Survive'. Civil war in El Salvador against military Junta.


Issues 21-23

Dont think So' film and others by young people's workshops. 'Edward Hopper' by Ron Peck. Building work completes and cinema opens 


Exhibition by Martin Parr, Gaining Momentum women's group show. HMPW takes the name Camerawork 


Circles women's film distributor moves into Four Corners' building

SDP breaks from Labour Party. Riots in UK inner cities. Ken Livingstone becomes leader of GLC. Bobby Sands MP and 9 IRA hunger strikers die in prison


Issues 24-25

'Purbo London' film by Ruhul Amin. Filming 'Bred and Born'


Exhibitions include Susan Meiselas on Nicaragua; Political Photomontage after Heartfield


Black Audio Film Collective, Retake & Ceddo Film & Video Workshop founded. Channel 4 begins

Falklands Islands war in the South Atlantic. 30,000 women form human chain around RAF Greenham Common fence


Issue 26 & El Salvador special issue

Film 'Bred and Born' completed


Exhibitions on El Salvador, Colin Roach, Underdeveloping Bangladesh, Britain's Inner Cities


'Carry Greenham Home' (dir. Beeban Kidron), documentary about women's peace camp

High unemployment, unrest in UK inner cities, violence in Northern Ireland. Thatcher re-elected. Colin Roach, a young black man, dies in police custody


Issues 29 & 30. New magazine layout

Films 'Hang on a Minute' by Jo Davis & Liz Rhodes. Workshops for the unwaged films 'Our Friends, our families, our lives' and 'Cohabitation blues'


Exhibition Guatemala group show with work by Mike Goldwater, Susan Meiselas and others


ACTT Workshop Declaration enables independent film production for Channel 4


Issues 31 & 32


'Is That It?' film by Wilf Thust with young people's group 


Exhibition: Appropriation & control, David A Bailey

Broadwater Farm riots, in Tottenham, London, following the shooting Cynthia Jarrett; Policeman Keith Blakelock killed


Film A Kind of English (Ruhul Amin, Richard Taylor, Paul Hallam) screened on Channel 4. 

Black Women Representation season.


Exhibitions Broadwater Farm, Same Difference with Rotimi Fani-Kayode, Sunil Gupta, Brenda Prince, Susan Trangmar, Val Wilmer, Chris Dorley Brown, Anna Fox


The GLC is dissolved leading to loss of arts funding

Print unions picket Murdoch's News International plant in Wapping


The Tiger's Milk: Women of Nicaragua, Fiona Mackintosh

Exhibitions Our Space In Britain group show, SOAPs open submission


Thatcher re-elected with a slightly reduced majority