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Oral History Excerpt - Don Slater

Slater reflects on his desire to work with Camerawork as a combination of his academic interests ...

Oral History Excerpt - Don Slater

Slater discussing how he found out about Camerawork after moving to North London, meeting Shirley...

Oral History Excerpt - Don Slater

Slater discusses the new era of photography Camerawork was a part of: it did not have to be exclu...

Oral History Excerpt - Don Slater

Slater discusses the role of photography as a method to show truth and “bearing witness” in the c...

Oral History Excerpt - Jill Pack

Pack reflects on an initiative with group of women who were published in Camerawork and later rep...
0000041_HalfMoonCamerawork_Poster_Women A photographic Exhibition.jpg

Oral History Excerpt - Julia Meadows

Meadows explains how she became involved with the Half Moon Gallery (later Half Moon Photography ...
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