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14 results

0002647_Still_A Kind of English.jpg

A Kind of English - Ruhul Amin

A Kind of English explores the myriad of complex relationships which develop as a family from Ben...
0002019_Still_Cinema in East London.jpg

Cinema in East London

This is a tape/slide programme made by Wilf Thust, Ron Peck, Joanna Davis, Mary Pat Leece and Pau...
0002651_Still_Don't think so.jpg

Don't Think So - Wilf Thust

This film was produced with young people at the Four Corners' Cinema Workshop
0002652_Still_Is that it.jpg

Is that it? - Wilf Thust

A video compiling work from young people at the Four Corners' Cinema workshop. This film in si...

Nighthawks - Ron Peck & Paul Hallam

Directed by Ron Peck, assisted by Paul Hallam, Nighthawks was the first British fiction feature w...
0003186_Still_Often during the day.jpg

Often During the Day - Joanna Davis

An early Four Corners feminist film exploring the domestic sphere. The film uses detailed close-u...
0002016_Still_Purbo London.jpg

Purbo London - Ruhul Amin

Ruhul Amin’s first film. Based in East London, the film follows the life of a young clothing work...

Railman - Joanna Davis, Mary Pat Leece, Ronald ...

Set against the backdrop of state divestment in transport infrastructure, Railman documents the d...
0002014_Still_Death of a Father.jpg

The Death of a Father: A Conspiracy of Silence ...

The film is a representation of the gender condition and the patriarchal role within the family d...
0002015_Still_The price of silver.jpg

The Price of Silver - Richard Taylor

The film covers the process of a series of young people seeking employment and the difficulties a...
0002648_Still_Tigers Milk.jpg

The Tigers Milk: Women of Nicaragua - Fiona Mac...

Nicaraguan women describe details of their daily lives under the Somoza regime in this instructiv...