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Issue 29: Images of the Left, McClaren on Cable, Photomontage, Stuart Hall, Video

Item No.



Printed Magazine


41 pages

Origination Date
Project Locations

Bethnal Green, London, UK,
(pg 6,7) Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. New York, USA.
(pg 10) Brixton, London, UK. Toxteth, Liverpool, UK.
(pg 14,15) Beirut, Lebanon.
(pg 18,19) America
(pg 24,25) Palestine. Afghanistan.


Four Corners/Half Moon Photography Workshop/Camerawork, Philip Reevell, Oliver Richon, Noelle Goldman, Kate Polak, Frances Coucill, Judah Passow, Simon Watney, Tony Benn, John Roberts, Kevin Sutcliffe, Yve Lomax, Sean Cubitt, David Corio, Philip Wolmuth, Neil Martinson, Kathy Myers, Liz Heron, Tony Benn, Jo Spence, David Hoffman, Paul Wombell, Graham Evans, David Corio, Mitra Tabrizian, Piers Smerin, Mark Salmon, Jane Harper, Jacob Riis, Roger Hargreaves, Mel Aldridge, Joelle Fourcin, Sally Francis, Pat Iverson, C de la T Murray, Paul Schuitema, John Sturrock, Oliver Richon, Andy Dark, Henryk Berlewi, Hendrik Nicolaas Werkman, Merville 'Silver' Bishop, Stuart Hall, Peter Saville, Monocrone Photography Collective, Hackney Flashers Collective, Wright Agency, Saatchi and Saatchi

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